Step 1: Preparing the subfloor

Absorbent substrates such as:
Wood, plastered wall, white painted wall
do not need to be pre-treated.

Non-absorbent substrates such as:
painted surfaces, metallic surfaces
must be pre-treated. The surfaces should be sanded and then primed with a solvent-free and water-based primer.

Pre-treatment of substrate

Step 2: Fixing the elements

Fix the element in the desired place using the DEKOFUX assembly adhesive. The elements need about 30 minutes to dry (depending on the room temperature). Once the elements are dry you can start with step 3.

fixation elements

Step 3: Primer

Start priming the elements completely with the primer color black. After all elements have been primed, start applying the DEKOFUX black primer over the entire surface. The fastest way is with an airbrush gun or a roller.

Primer color black

Step 4: Effect glaze color

Depending on the desired look, you can now apply the DEKOFUX effect glaze paint. The DEKOFUX team recommends that you slowly approach the desired look. Better to use too little color than too much. You won't see the effect of the color until it's dry! Apply the color with a wide brush and distribute it with a cross stitch and dab.

effect glaze color

What is a Cross Stitch?
What is stippling?

Step 5: Admire your creative masterpiece!

Additional option:


Mounting adhesive 3D effect logo