Starter set rust
Starter set rust
Starter set rust
Starter set rust
Starter set rust
Starter set rust
Starter set rust
Starter set rust
Starter set rust
Starter set rust
Starter set rust

Starter set rust

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60 rivets small
40 rivets large
35 pieces threaded nut large
1 liter DEKOFUX primer black
1 liter DEKOFUX effect glaze paint rust
330ml DEKOFUX assembly adhesive


You don't want to gather all the components for the industrial look? Then you are right here! The DEKOFUX grate starter set offers the ideal combination of selected concrete elements to start the industrial look straight away. This gives you a stylish surface with an industrial look for indoor use.

In just a few steps you can design your dream wall:

1. Design the desired surface with DEKOFUX elements !
2. Apply DEKOFUX Black Primer 1-2 times without leaving any gaps!
3. Apply DEKOFUX effect glaze paint 1-2 times!

Tip: It is best to apply the effect glaze color using a wide brush and the cross stroke technique and dab the color to achieve the desired effect. In this case, less is more! Use less color and slowly approach your desired look. The assembly adhesive not only serves to fix the elements, but can also be used to imitate weld seams.


water based
Alkaline resistant
Wet abrasion class 1


Suitable substrates are mineral plaster (PII-IV), synthetic resin plaster, concrete, emulsion paints and primed plasterboard. The substrate must be firm, clean, stable, dry, and free of dust and grease (see VOB). Highly absorbent substrates must be pre-treated with a solvent-free deep primer. Non-absorbent substrates must be primed with a solvent-free primer.


The information may vary depending on the substrate!

square meters


10 - 15 m²


15 - 30 m²


30 - 45 m²


45 - 60 m²


60 - 75 m²


75 - 90 m²


90 - 105 m²


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Overall, that's great. Nobody knew that before. Neither do I. My next project will definitely be better. I've been asked several times if I could do this on assignment. Yes, I would trust myself now. You really have an extraordinary program.

Henrik Z
Los Angeles, CA

Big praise from me again, because I didn't think that it would be so easy and look so good.

Alexander T
Los Angeles, CA

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