Door stop large
Door stop large
Door stop large
Door stop large

Door stop large

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1 Be Alfred doorstop large


    The doorstop large is made of sturdy concrete. With a weight of 1 kg, it prevents your doors from slamming shut. So that your doors are not damaged, the doorstop has two rubber rings to cushion a slamming shut. There are 4 silicone knobs on the underside of the doorstop to protect your floor from scratches. Your doorstop is lovingly handcrafted in the Bavarian Be Alfred Manufactory.

    We would like to point out that there may be minimal deviations in color and appearance, since concrete is a natural product.

    Height and weight:

    Ø 110 x 80mm & 1kg


    You have the option of engraving your doorstop. Of course, you can also purchase the doorstop without an engraving. You can personalize selected Be Alfred products. Click here for personalization instructions.

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    Overall, that's great. Nobody knew that before. Neither do I. My next project will definitely be better. I've been asked several times if I could do this on assignment. Yes, I would trust myself now. You really have an extraordinary program.

    Henrik Z
    Los Angeles, CA

    Big praise from me again, because I didn't think that it would be so easy and look so good.

    Alexander T
    Los Angeles, CA

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